Discovery of WWII-Era Bomb Causes Evacuation of West German City

WWII era bomb found in Dortmund, GermanyNearly 25,000 residents are being evacuated from parts of the west German city of Dortmund as experts get ready to dispose of a massive bomb, left over from allied efforts during World War II.

The bomb, which weighs about 4,000-pounds was found while historians analyzed aerial photographs while searching for unexploded ordnance.

German government officials hoped that the evacuation would only last a few hours, and that residents would be able to return to their homes by Sunday evening.

Unexploded WWII-era bombs are regularly discovered in parts of Europe, and especially in Germany. However, most of the bombs found are much smaller than this one.

Two years ago, a similar unexploded device was found in the nearby city of Koblenz, which required an evacuation of roughly 45,000 people.

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